Packaging Evaluation

It's important to realize that packaging always either has a negative or positive influence on the purchaser. A negative impression can detour a potential customer, just as a positive reaction can influence a customer to buy.

Innovation and creativity come into play when it comes to packaging. A well-marketed product is packaged in a way that compels the customer to pick it up and take a closer look, at which point product descriptions and graphics must be clear.

•Packaging Tools
Colors, fonts, descriptions and logos are the tools that are used in packaging design. Companies market their brands by creating a specific "look and feel" to their product's packaging. A customer must feel comfortable enough with the presentation of the company's brand to want to purchase the product.

•The Evaluation

1.The range of products does not give the sense of unity for products range. To see a good example visit

2.The wrapping paper base color and design are not distinguished enough; they are similar to the products available in the Jordanian market.

3.The design is too crowded, does not reflect the quality of products and does not deliver a clear and instant message about the exact kind of the product.

4.The sub-brands like “Raneen” don’t consolidate the image of the main brand


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